Pork belly, aka meat candy, aka the best bite in BBQ?  This rich tender bite goes perfectly with the heat you can pack in your favourite Maritime Madness Hot Sauce.
    Burgers are possibly the most popular thing you'll see at any BBQ in the summer.  If you want to be the talk of the neighborhood then this bacon jam recipe will certainly make that happen.  Sweet and spicy with a sticky bacon that hammers your taste buds with flavour every time you take a bite.  Best part is, it comes together in one pan and anyone can do it.
    Take your classic poutine and give it a Mediterranean twist with this easy and delicious Chicken Shawarma Poutine recipe. Our Street Shawarma seasoning and a spicy raw garlic sauce also known as "toum" give it a truly authentic taste that is a must-try.
    Our Chicken Parmesan recipe has our signature kick with tender, breaded chicken made with our Unreal Pepper Rub and Garlic Goodness hot sauce, topped off with your favourite marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese.
    This super simple recipe makes a delicious appetizer for any party!
    Just three ingredients make this app the perfect party food - especially on a budget!
    Take that bag of frozen fries to the next level with this yummy Air Fryer Chile Fries recipe featuring our Garlic Goodness Hot Sauce!
    We have another awesome recipe collaboration with our friend over at @ptays_kitchen on Instagram! Check out what he has to say about this delicious Mango Chipotle Chicken Wing recipe!
    Air Fryer Chicken Wings are the best and crispiest wings ever - done in less than 20 minutes!
    Let it mingle - the longer it sits, the more flavour you get. Two hours - or even overnight - is ideal for maximum lemony goodness!
    Our Hot Honey Mustard Ham Pie recipe delivers a tasty filling of ham, potatoes, and peas in a sweet and spicy honey sauce - it's comfort food at it's best!
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