A delish sweet, spicy and savoury hash that works great as the main or the side!
    You are going to love this Cheesy Black Bean & Blueberry Hot Dip for a tantalizing blend of sweet, spicy, and savoury. Sautéed red onions, candied blueberry hot sauce, and cream cheese come together with black beans, cheddar cheese, and fresh cilantro. It’s a perfect dip for tortilla chips! A new fave go-to for easy entertaining.

    A pork dish that isn't boring and bland? Count me in.  

    This Spicy Orange Cranberry Glaze brings this pork tenderloin to a whole other level and it would also work really well with chicken, turkey or any other type of poultry.  

    With only a few ingredients it's super easy to make.  

    You have to try this one.

    Introducing the "Vanilla Dip Burger" - where savoury meets sweet in a scrumptious fusion of flavours! Thank you to our friend @dutchiecooks for this amazing recipe!
    A Mexican breakfast? A Canadian breakfast with Mexican Mole? One thing is for certain, it's a breakfast taco like no other. If you use the mini taco tortillas you can lose count and no one will ever really know how many you ate.
    Delicious Pulled Pork recipe featuring the one and only Super Sauce!
    A refreshingly spicy margarita.
    Instead of a tangy blueberry aioli I went a little richer and sweeter to balance the spice from the candied blueberry hot sauce in the jam and the jalapeño. The breading on the chicken is simple, to put all the attention on the blueberry sauce and jam.
    The best summer tacos out there. Fresh ingredients and bold flavours is the best way to describe these.
    Firecracker Coconut Shrimp with a bangin' Bang Bang Sauce to boot. Perfect on a taco with coleslaw, on top of a south western crisp salad or simply on its own as an appetizer.
    Maritime Street Tacos combines the boldness of our Street Shawarma dry rub with tender steak. The result is a yummy balance of sizzling spices and succulent textures, wrapped in a warm tortilla and topped with fresh, zesty mango salsa!
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