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  • Hands down the best hot sauce ever. And they have unreal shipping service, it's usually in within two weeks. That's insanely impressive when it's coming to Nunavut. Try it and buy it, you will not regret it!

    Rachel Margaret Majcan, Nunavut

  • Everything I have tasted so far is excellent. Especially like Smokin' Souwester sauce and Maritime Mesquite spice. I use the mesquite every day!

    Keith Fenton, Nova Scotia

  • My wife is from PEI introduced me to this brand. It's now my favorite. I'm Hispanic and your liquid pain bottle definitely puts me to sweat. I wish you guys were available at my local grocery store. Much love! And looking forward to new recipes.

    Ottomaro Lopez, Alberta

  • Giv'er Sauce is the best hot sauce I have ever had

    Jessie Eaton

  • Fast shipping and the sauce is awesome. Hot Honey rules.

    Gabriel Leblanc, New Brunswick

  • Finally, a hot sauce that doesn't leave me feeling disappointed! Awesome burn and flavour, couldn't ask for more!

    Rémi Boucher, Quebec

  • Best hot sauce around! I've been there twice in the past two weeks to pick up new stuff...awesome!

    Cody Hambly, PEI

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