275ml Simple Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

    This one has some serious kick! If you just can't get it hot enough, but still love good flavor and fresh ingredients, this is the hot sauce for you. You'll have to try it to experience the depth of flavour and layers of heat.

    Milder than our Giv'er Ghost Pepper sauce, this one really showcases the flavor of the pepper!

    Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, no added sugar, Low Sodium, Keto Friendly.


    Heat Level: 12

    Ingredients: vinegar, hot peppers, water, lime juice, onions, carrots, fresh garlic, spices, xanthan gum.






    Customer Reviews

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    Kevin Sherred
    Great stuff👍

    Excellent flavor and a great simple hot sauce. Not quite as hot as other ghost based sauces I've tried, but it's the perfect amount of heat for me. This one's a keeper!

    Thank, Kevin!

    Chris Stateski

    I mean that in more ways than one. There sauces are fire and their service is fire =)

    Love it! Thanks, Chris!

    Blazing Hot but Delicious

    Easily the hottest yet best tasting hot sauce i've ver had. Not sure how you guys were able to get the heat to a tolerable level while retaining the flavor of the ghost pepper but you did and its impressive! Would seriously love to see more super hots in the 'simple' line because I find most taste superb but are much to hot to enjoy on a casual level.

    Wow - thank you for your awesome review on our Ghost Pepper sauce! I'll be sure to pass along your feedback about hotter sauces in the Simple Line. We try to put flavour before heat with every sauce we make - even the crazy hot ones!

    Greg B.
    My gateway drug

    Grabbed a bottle of this at a local retailer and used it all in less than two weeks. I love it so much that I just ordered a collection of MM's "really hot stuff." can't wait to try them!

    I think MM is going to be my main hot sauce vendor for the foreseeable future.

    Wow, you must have a high tolerance! Love it! Thanks, Greg!

    Big hit

    Second time ordering as a Christmas gift and both times it has been a hit. Cannot say enough about the great quality and flavors. Well worth every penny.

    Love that so many ordered our products as gifts! Thanks for the review Amanda!

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