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    We develop the products, produce them, and ship them right to your door. No Co-packers, fullfillment centers, or salespeople.
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    Excellent ventilation and protection from the elements

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    Whatever you're eating, we've got a sauce for that!
    We're food lovers first. And like many foodies, we're always looking for perfect pairings - one sauce does not fit all. That's why we take pride in producing a large variety of the finest sauces you can find, and continue to innovate year after year, @ 40+ sauces and counting.

    We strive to have something great for you no matter what heat level, flavour profile, or lifestyle diet/protocol you follow, at a great value and always with health, flavour, and local sourcing in mind. We love to hear your suggestions, and often act on them, resulting in some amazing flavour profiles! Give us a try, we've got a sauce you'll love.
    When you buy from us,
    you are buying from the makers!
    At Maritime Madness, we've always been proud to keep product development, production, and fullfillment in-house intentionally.

    When you reach out to Maritime Madness, you're speaking directly to the people that make and ship your product. No co-packers, fullfillment centers, or salespeople, just real folks at a family run business.

    Hit us up on the socials or by e-mail, we love to hear from you!
    A family business for over 20 years.
    I started this business in 2002 because I love to cook and create. Over 20 years later, the creative process is still the primary driver in why I'm growing the company. From the recipes to the packaging design, the Maritime Madness brand and product offerings are continually evolving.

    My wife joined the team over a decade ago, and the second generation is sure to take over, but first they need to wrap every video game known to man.

    Teamwork makes the dream work!

    Gettin' er done in Cardigan
    Excellent ventilation and protection from the elements


    Amiel cookin' up some habanero mustard

    Quick and easy setup


    Lauren packing an order - is this one yours?

    20D Silicone Coated Nylon Ripstop offers UV resistance and superior waterproofness


    Brock on quality control, running a tight ship

    Large door and vestibules


    Wallace and Wendy bagging tasty brittle

    Six interior pockets to organise gear


    Ann and Lauren prepping some gift boxes

    “We take pride in delivering on
    flavour, value, and the end to end
    customer experience”

    That's why we make it in house, ship it in house, and don't farm out customer service. From limited edition small runs to customized thank you cards in the gift box, I believe that every detail is important.

    Amiel Leblanc

    CEO/ Chief Flavour Maker

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