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    Incredibly delicious touch of blueberry sweetness and a splash of heat! I’m obsessed!

    Incredible sauce mouth watering. My new addition to my meats

    275ml Frig That's Hot
    Troy Killam

    Yes I did very much


    This is definitely the best sauce I've ever had.

    Just buy it !!

    Bold And Smokey BBQ sauce was very good …’s bold and just the right amount of sweetness. I prepared a rack of baby pork ribs in pressure cooker then added this BBQ sauce and put under broiler for 10 minutes. Best ribs I’ve ever had. Give this a try ….you will not regret it? One very satisfied customer!

    275ml Super Sauce BBQ
    Sean Gallant
    If I had to sum it up in one word

    Awesomeness. Pure awesomeness in a bottle. From the flavour to the consistency, I’m impressed each time I use it

    Garden Herb Rub
    Grant Peters
    Great product

    Enjoyed some of the product already and it arrived quickly.

    Amazing sauces

    Can’t begin to say how much I’ve enjoyed the candied hot sauce kit I purchased. Ordering was easy. Shipping was fast and taste is out of this world

    Great Sauce!

    A little more expensive coming from the East, but well worth it!

    1st time order

    Friends of ours in NL shared some of the their hot sauce, and it was great. So when we got back to ON, I placed an order for 6 bottles, so easy and it came fast too.
    The sauces are all so good, you’ll never go wrong placing an order.

    Really enjoying the kraken sauce.
    Brought it into work for some of my coworkers to try. There was a few tears after they tried it lol

    Amazing selections!

    Took a couple bottles to my neices birthday pizza party and everyone loved them. Especially the garlic sauce. My nephew wouldn't let me take it home so I'll have to order more.

    great deal!

    got the hotter version 12 bottle mystery box.. excellent sauces like mustard, fire candy, mango habenero,, and so many more, all great!

    Thanks Daryl!

    Relative newbie

    This isn't my favourite but it's quite good.

    Thanks Timothy!

    Spices and bbq sauce

    Excellent products, prompt service very happy with my order and I really love to support local family business

    Thanks Greg!

    Choose 6, save 10% + FREE SHIPPING!
    Ryan Ball
    Tailgate Deliciousness

    For my 2nd order, I had to try the Tailgate Grill Sauce, and I have to say it's another fav'. I'm using these sauces with pretty much everything! I can't wait to sample more!

    Thanks Ryan!

    Super hot and awesome!

    We first tried the products on our vacation to PEI last year and now we can’t live without them :). They arrived fast to Ontario and so nicely packaged too

    Love to hear this, thanks Karen!

    Sweet Heat

    Our family loves MM sauces and have been fans for at least 5 years now. Our new favorite for garnishing almost any dish is the candied habanero and candied jalapeno offerings. Traditionally, we pick up a supply when we visit PEI during the summer. We ran out early this year and recently did a 6 pack online. The process was simple and delivery was prompt.

    Thanks for the continued support D.W!


    Amazing hot sauces. All of them are incredible

    Thanks Martin!

    Sweet Chipotle Rub
    Gloria Reid
    Love everything

    I will be ordering items for Christmas. Do ship to USA?

    We sure do Gloria, free shipping over $49 to Canada and the States!

    275ml Mustard Pickle Hot Sauce

    This was a gift. And it was given yesterday

    I’ll need to let you know. Yet they absolutely loved the other sauces so 🤞🥰

    Thanks Joyce!

    A hit!

    I sent the selection of hot sauces and the peanut brittle to my 85-year-old father for Father's Day, and he loved them! Said the peanut brittle was delicious too. Thank you for putting together such a great gift idea.

    Thanks for choosing Maritime Madness Cathy, we appreciate it!

    Savory Flavor

    I've been on a diet for several months now. When creating rice bowls, I'm looking for 3 things. Light but filling, nutritious, and flavourful. Maritime Madness has helped with the flavor, and the Simple Garlic pairs well with anything you add it to. The flavor and heat, are neighbors with each other, and they both borrow each other's sugar.

    Ha, great review. Thanks Andre!

    Hot sauces

    Love the various sauces offered by MMI. Have lots of queries on where Ingot them. Last order was for others who wanted more

    Thanks Ed!

    Delicious, a staple at our place

    So delicious! This one is a staple in our fridge and gets replaced as soon as we are getting low. It's our favorite for burritos, tacos, fajitas, and rice bowls and goes great with a little bit of crema or sour cream.

    Thanks Clare!

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