275ml Candied Habanero Hot Sauce

    The hottest hot sauce in our FireCandy line featuring habanero heat. A very versatile sauce that pairs well in many dishes such as lasagna, oysters, wings and so much more. The sweetness of sauce brings out the crisp, fruity flavour of the habanero peppers. This sauce deserves top shelf status in your pantry or fridge! If you are looking for a unique hot sauce to try, then you need to add this to your collection.

    Soy Free, Dairy Free, Low Sodium, Gluten Free.


    Heat Level: 10

    Ingredients: sugar, habaneros, apple cider vinegar, spices, salt, xanthan gum





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    This is fantastic. I put it on everything. Hot enough that it gives you the kick of habanero that you want, but that sweetness makes is so complex and delicious. Heroes the habanero, hot and flavoursome. I would carry it in my pocket it I could. 10/10

    Great description of this sauce! Thanks so much Lydia! Appreciate it.

    Awesome Sweet Heat Flavor w/ I wanna say mango

    Man the flavor of this one is on point. Candied peppers are awesome for sweet heat hot sauces!

    I hope I'm not way off but the flavor profile of the sweetness has mango. Either way, it has made my favorite wing sauce out of the 5 sauces I've tried.
    I still haven't tried enough of the sauces too declare for sure but so far the sweet and heat balance of this sauce is right for me.

    Thanks Samual!

    Sally Myers

    I am so excited for my family to get these great sauces for Xmas gifts. Will get back to you after the taste tests. Ordering was so easy everything arrived very quickly and safely. Thank you.

    Can't wait to hear how they liked the gifts! Merry Christmas Sally!

    James Hertwig
    Very Tasty, Strong in Heat

    With the punch of the habanero the sweetness does not last for long. Hot enough that it needs to be rationed. I wish it was a little more sweet and/or had a little less heat, but that's my personal preference. The flavor is very nice 👌

    Have you had a chance to try the others in the Firecandy line? Might find something with less heat but still have the sweetness. We also have the Down East Stinger which is a lower heat level with honey in it. Thanks for the review James!

    Great on everything!

    My favorite so far. Can use on everything, especially tasty on chicken wings!

    That would be so good! Thanks for the tip!

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