*Limited Edition* Raspberry Habanero FireCandy!

    While supplies last, try our latest FireCandy creation!  It combines all the heat and sweet you know and love from the FireCandy Line with tons of raspberry flavour.  This recipe is literally 35% fresh raspberries!  The sweetness of the candied fruit hits first, right before the citrusy heat of the habaneros creeps up on ya! 

    Get wild and try it in your stir fry, wraps and sandwiches, eggs, or pasta. Your ice cream has never been so spicy!

    This is a soy free, dairy free, gluten free and low sodium sauce.


    Burn Rate: 2, but turned out a bit hotter.

    Ingredients:Sugar, raspberries, apple cider vinegar, habaneros, white vinegar

    Customer Reviews

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    Peggie Grant
    My kids love it!

    I haven't tried this but my kids were so happy to get it. They say it's great!! Thanks for the speedy service as well.

    Carson R.
    Absolutely fantastic

    The Raspberry Habanero FireCandy is a must have for anyone who wants something sweet with a kick! As with nearly every sauce from maritime madness, this is a must have in my fridge!!

    Steve Hamilton

    Ok. Last time I wrote my wife said if I order any more, I can sleep with it in the pantry.

    Challenge accepted and I called her bluff.

    The internet is remarkably strong in here and I have this delicious sauce to comfort me.

    Lisa Davis
    Raspberry Haberno Fire Candy Sauce is da bomb!

    (I've dated myself using "da bomb" in the subject line)

    Having been on the email list to be notified when this intriguing sauce was back in stock, I was excited to get the opportunity to order some.

    Just last night (2022-05-19) I decided to try it over a dish of local vanilla ice cream, and it was incredible!

    Because I also ordered the blueberry version, I put that over half of the ice cream and the raspberry on the other half. Sooooo good! A little bit of heat, but nothing outrageous for those who like their spice mild/medium.

    I can't wait to find other delicious uses for these, but they may just remain ice cream (or cream cheese) toppings for me. Because why not? It's ice cream and BBQ season!

    Well done Maritime Madness!

    I'd travel across the country for this!

    Perfect combo of sweet heat! A great sauce for summer and time spent with loved ones. Be warned, great to be the last to use the bottom of the bottle but hope you wear your runners because family will chase you for it. It's a must have and so glad we got this limited edition sauce!

    Thank you for the giggle and awesome review, S!

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