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    The One Chunk Challenge - 2 pack

    2X One Chunk Challenges

    Ready for the One Chunk Challenge?

    This is one small square of Carolina Reaper peanut brittle, the world's hottest pepper, and dusted with a LOVELY coating of Ghost Pepper. The One Chunk Challenge is intended for adults of 18+ years only, and is done at your own risk. Taking the challenge is probably not the best idea you've had today... But if you do it, we'd love to see your video!  


     Not your Grandma's Peanut Brittle.




    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Devon Riel
    Absolutely rediculious!

    I need to know how many Scovilles this is, it was IMMENSE. I did the Death Nut Challenge which has a 13 Million Scoville final stage... this seemed to nearly equal that in intensity. Does anyone know??

    Great video Devon! We're not sure on the exact Scoville rating for the One Chunks but they're darn hot!

    Aaron Corey
    Fight for survival

    I have been loving your hot sauces for years. Haven’t tasted one yet that I haven’t gone back for more. My niece got me a one bite challenge for Christmas. I finally got up the courage to try it last night. I made it just over 3 minutes before survival mode kicked in. 3 glasses of milk, 7 handfuls of snow, 2 jumbo frezzies, 6 ice cubes and 10 tums later I started to recover. I’ve been Pepper sprayed in the past for work. I would rather get sprayed again then get challenged again.... in all seriousness well done... your brittle is delicious next time I’ll take mine without the Carolina reapers!!! Keep up the good work!!!

    Lol that made us all laugh! Thanks Aaron. Appreciate your support!

    Not messing around

    Tasted really good. And that heat would not quit! Keeps coming in waves.

    Thanks for the 5 star review on our One Chunk Challenge. Sounds like you worked for it!

    Shaun Hubick
    Damn good

    Wow. That was crazy hot. However the aftermath that hit at about the 1 hour mark put me on the floor.

    have you ever not been able to feel your mouth for a week?

    This thing is so damn hot.

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