275ml Simple Garlic Goodness Hot Sauce

    Our Simple Line Garlic Goodness hot sauce made with fresh cayennes... a classic! If you love hot sauce, but don't want the heat of habanero, this hot sauce is for you. There's no mistaking the difference freshness makes when you taste this blend. can put this stuff on anything from eggs, salads, drinks, hamburgers and a lot more!

    Previously called Sandbar Sauce.

    Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, no added sugar, Keto Friendly.


    Heat Level: 4

    Ingredients: Cayennes, vinegar, water, fresh garlic, salt, xanthan gum. 





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    Nostalgia in Garlic?

    I got this sauce by mistake but it was a pleasant nostalgia trip.

    I used to order stir fry in University and this sauce captures the garlic-forward aroma of those dishes. If you make a lot of stir fry I'd recommend this sauce. Its a punchy, garlic flavor and it lives up to it's name of 'goodness" for sure.

    It's a great sauce for sure! Thanks for the feedback Samual!

    Chelsea Connolly

    We were given the Garlic Goodness as a gift and we were hooked! Had to go buy more of it and tried another five bottles. The garlic isn’t too garlicky and I think it’s still our favorite of all the ones we’ve tried.

    The Garlic Goodness is a great all round sauce to have on hand. I reach for it constantly. Thanks for the feedback Chelsea!

    The name says it all: simple garlic goodness

    Amazing with everything: steaks, burgers, eggs, even oysters…. A must have

    It's such a versatile sauce that I've started buying it in 2L jugs! Thanks Scott!

    Patricia Moore

    275ml Simple Garlic Goodness Hot Sauce

    Michelle Fowler

    I have been super happy with all the products that I have tried so far! Simple Garlic Goodness Sauce is our go to hot sauce these days! Keep up the good work!

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