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    275ml Simple Garlic Goodness Hot Sauce

    Our Simple Line Garlic Goodness hot sauce made with fresh cayennes... a classic! If you love hot sauce, but don't want the heat of habanero, this hot sauce is for you. There's no mistaking the difference freshness makes when you taste this blend. can put this stuff on anything from eggs, salads, drinks, hamburgers and a lot more!

    Previously called Sandbar Sauce.

    Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, no added sugar, Keto Friendly.


    Heat Level: 4

    Ingredients: Cayennes, vinegar, water, fresh garlic, salt, xanthan gum. 





    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    Alexandra R.
    Garlicky Goodness

    This sauce is great to put on anything. Hi t has a great combination of garlic and heat. It gives everything nice flavour. A great purchases specially if you are a garlic lover.

    Monique Robinson
    Always top notch!!!🔥❤️🔥

    There isn’t a flavour I tried, that I didn’t like!! Whatever description sounds good to you, just try it!! You will not be disappointed.❤️

    Thanks Monique!

    Chrissie Brouse
    Great flavor

    I put my garlic goodness hot sauce on almost everything! It has just the right amount of heat!

    Thanks Chrissie!

    Bryan Miller

    275ml Simple Garlic Goodness Hot Sauce

    Chris Labencki

    Absolutely a delicious sauce

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