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    Shipping & Order Questions

    Is shipping really free in Canada/USA?

    What is Maritime Madness Shipping Protection?

    How long will my order take?

    It's a gift, can I add a message?

    It's a gift, will your packaging give away the surprise?

    My order was damaged, help!

    Madness Money Points Program

    How do I collect points?

    How do I redeem points?

    What is the value of my points?

    Madness Money Explained Video

    Product and Company Questions

    What is the expiry date on my sauce?

    Do I need to refrigerate my sauce once open?

    Do you use a co-packer, or do you make your sauces?

    What is the scoville rating of the sauce I just bought?

    Why do some bottles look or taste different than my last one?

    Where is your storefront, can we visit?

    We've had your beef jerky, why can't we buy it online?

    Do I need to cut the cap for the sauce to come out?

    Dietary Questions

    Do you have gluten free hot sauces and snacks?

    Do you have Sugar Free Hot sauces?

    Do you have vegan hot sauces and snacks?

    Are your sauces nut free?

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