275ml Scotch Bonnet Limited Edition

    Scotch Bonnet is one of our favourite peppers - it's spicy (but not aggressive), and has a sweet, almost fruity taste underpinning the heat. It's got enough flavour to stand all on its own, so we didn't dress it up too much. It's enhanced with fresh mango and carrot. That's it! 

    We made this beautiful yellow hot sauce with a pepper purée this time, which means it's a smoother, less chunky sauce. 


    Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, no added sugar, Keto Friendly.

    Heat Level: 8

    Ingredients: Scotch Bonnets, vinegar, water, mangoes, salt, xanthan gum.





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      diane liss
      Hot Sauces

      Your sauces are amazing , we order 2 times already, 8 different ones.We also sent a pack to my grandson in Atlanta,he loves them.
      I also introduce them to a CHEF in a very upscale restaurant in Montreal, he loved it. Simply Abanero scoth bonnet, 2nd edition.
      Thank You
      Diane & Ivor Liss

      Wow, appreciate you spreading the word about our sauces Diane! Thank you!

      Helena K
      My favourite!

      Ordered 8 this time. Don’t want to risk running out! Never used to have hot sauce with my eggs, but Scotch Bonnet is a game changer...I have it every day with my toasted egg sandwich.

      You are so smart stocking up on this sauce! Thanks Helena!

      Steve Hamilton
      I love Scotch...Bonnets too

      This is the ONE (Or 4 bottles, don't judge me) that I have been waiting to come back! It was screaming my name like "Steeeeeeve...You know you want me." - kinda like a clingy ex that just won't go away, but you really don't want them to? Amirite? I digress.

      I absolutely LOVE this sauce and the crew at MM will back that up as I have been emailing asking about when it's back.

      Wait a sec.

      Am I the clingy ex?

      HAHA This. Is. Awesome. Thanks for the laugh AND the review Steve!

      Mary Mes-Hartree
      Wow, that’s good!

      Reminds me of the Caribbean. Nice and flavourful, but not to hot. Great sauce.

      Thanks Mary!

      Angela Clarke
      Delicious just like the others!

      So so so yummy. Also love that the sauces are low in sodium and sugar but packed full of flavour!!!!

      Thanks Angela!

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