275ml Simple Jalapeno Apple Hot Sauce

    This dark and savory hot sauce will leave you warm and cozy!  A one of a kind hot sauce that goes well on pretty much anything. This a staple with many of our chilihead customers. Give it shot and try for yourself!

    Previously called Orchard Scorcher.


    Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free.

    Heat Level: 4

    Ingredients: Jalapenos, vinegar, water, apple sauce, sweet onion, salt, spices, maple syrup, xanthan gum.





    Customer Reviews

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    Cody Hambly
    Alrighty, this is a game changer

    Just when you thought you've had the best Maritime Madness hot sauce, you try a kind you've never tried before and it's like you fall in love all over again. Ya'll gotta stop making such good hot sauce....Is it acceptable to buy a fridge just for my MM hot sauces?!

    We need to normalize hot sauce fridges the way we've normalized wine cellars! Thanks, Cody!

    Tony Bergin

    Loved all the sauces I’ve tried and plan to order more.

    Love to hear this! Thanks Tony!

    Sweet and tasty

    This hot sauce is just hot enough to be able to feel it and still eat a lot of it, and has really great flavor. It is going to be fantastic on wings (both cauliflower and the other kind)

    Thanks JM!

    Angela CURRIE

    Simple Jalapeño Apple Hot Sauce is our new favourite. Superb flavour. Will be ordering again.

    Great to hear, thanks Angela!

    Michael Edwards
    We’ve bought six bottles so far

    My wife picked up a bottle at Pete’s Frootique and it was gone in a week. Really great mixed with plain yogurt and added to just about anything that can take some spice. It has a delicate flavour which lets it combine with just about anything without clashing. Really like this sauce.

    Thanks Michael!

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