2L Fan Size Giv'er

    Now made with Ghost Pepper! The one and only original recipe Giv'er Sauce. Flat out searing heat... This brew is so hot it'll melt the gumboots right off ya!


    It doesn't matter what you put it on, this sauce is the boss. For those who just can't get it hot enough, you may have met your match... 


    Vegan, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free. 

    Heat Level: 12

    Ingredients: Water, vinegar, hot peppers, fresh garlic, salt, xanthan gum.

    Customer Reviews

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    Fernando Cabral
    Refill my prescription please

    Great sauce that I take with almost everything.
    Went through the small bottle too quickly but am prepared for the long haul now.

    Love it, thanks Fernando!

    Brandon Connolly
    Best sauce ever!

    This is the best hot sauce I’ve ever had. It’s my absolute favorite. I literally pile it on everything, if you like flavor and heat, this is it!

    Thanks Brandon!

    Michael LaRocque

    received my 2L Fan size of Giv'er 4 days after ordering..AWESOME sauce , SUPER fast delivery.. and notifications were prompt when letting me know my order was shipped.......LOVING the sauce !!

    Glad to hear, thanks Michael!

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