2L Fan Size Mustard Pickle

    Yup, we did that - Mustard Pickle hot sauce! A taste of back home in every bite with some habanero fire at the back end.


    Soy Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free.

    Heat Level: 6

    Ingredients: Hot peppers, vinegar, mustard, cucumbers, sugar, salt, xanthan gum.


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    Kathryn Nelson
    Gigantic Jug

    Huge jug of the best sauce ever! Can’t keep this stuff in our fridge. It’s a must have in every home.

    You're not alone in your love for all things Mustard Pickle! Thanks, Kathryn!

    Scott Gregory
    2L jug of mustard pickle

    Probably don’t need to tell anyone thats tried this how amazing it is, hence the reason I’ve purchased the 2L jug. Love everything you guys make! Keep up the great work!!!!

    Thanks, Scott! This sauce more than any other gets bought 'by the bucket load!'

    Pam Gavel

    I bought the variety pack for my husband for Christmas and I found out that we really enjoy the Mustard Pickle on jus about anything so I thought I had better get the 2l jug before summer arrives. We are really enjoying all the sauces and MMI will be on the top of my order list. Great Product if you love hot sauces..

    Thanks, Pam! Those 2L sizes really come in handy!

    Gary Hansch
    Best ever sauce.

    I love it I use that ____! On every thing.

    How we wish we had coined that phrase! Thanks for the feedback Gary!

    Mustard Pickle Hot Sauce is AWESMAZING and taste like MORE!!!

    People… don’t even waste your time buying the little ‘travel size’ bottle of 275ml. I promise you, you will want and need the 2L jug for all your flavour enhancing foods. Burgers, hot dogs, hard boiled eggs, cucumber, air fryer cauliflower and on and on. The flavour burst opportunities are endless! I eat it by the spoonful just for the yumminess.
    This sauce is SO incredible, full of mustard pickle flavour and yes, a little head at the back end. Signing off now and ordering my 2L jug, so should you. You will not be disappointed!

    Haha! Love this review! Thanks for sharing Erika!

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