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    2L Fan Size Mustard Pickle

    Yup, we did that - Mustard Pickle hot sauce! A taste of back home in every bite with some habanero fire at the back end.


    Soy Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free.

    Heat Level: 6

    Ingredients: Hot peppers, vinegar, mustard, cucumbers, sugar, salt, xanthan gum.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Ryan Russell
    Love it

    Bought the regular size blew through it. Knew I needed the fan size. I put it on everything now

    This is what we like to hear!

    Chesley Bond
    I've yet to find bulk hot sauce anywhere else

    Love the sauce, great on all kinds of meat and in salads. Can't beat the bulk price of the 2L jugs either. Love that I'm supporting Canadian business with my purchases.

    Thanks Chesley, we really appreciate the support!

    best mustard pickle condiment

    this is the best mustard pickle sauce on the planet!

    Thanks so much, we love to hear this!!

    Deserie Harrison
    My favourite sauce!!

    I put this on and in so much from sandwiches or hotdogs/hamburgers to just kicking up soup or dinner entree. Surprisingly versatile. Gives things a little pickle tang.
    This size is such a good deal. I have a bar fridge and a space in the bottom I can stash three of this bottles- this one, Molé and candy curry so far. I am almost done my first 2L mustard pickle and about to open my second. No, I am not a commercial customer! I just put that sh!t on everything!

    Ha, love it!! Thanks Deserie!

    Thomas Russo
    Mustard Pickle is the BOMB!!!!

    A must have, delicious hot sauce!!!

    Glad you love it Thomas!

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