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    Ghost Pepper Brittle

    Yes, you read it right. Delicious peanut brittle made in-house with enough ghost pepper to make most people cry. Sweet up front, then the ghost sneaks in.

    Gluten Free. 

    Heat Level: Insanely Hot

    100 g

    Ingredients: Peanuts, sugar, corn syrup, real butter, spices, baking soda.


    Customer Reviews

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    Mice Manson
    Getting divorced

    Wish i could show you video of my fiancé getting a “treat” from his darling fiancé

    Absolutely AMAZING!

    I wish there was an option to give 6 stars! This stuff is amazing to say the least. It is excellent brittle with a nice punch of ghost pepper, but not so much that you can't enjoy it. Well gone Maritime Madness, well done!

    6 stars would be a top notch review!
    Thanks so much for your support Jeffrey!

    Steve Hamilton
    Ghost gonna getcha!

    Yup. It’s a sh!t kicker and will have you crying for your momma.

    At first, it’s not so bad. You’re like “I got this, you’re not what I was expecting”

    And then boom. 15 seconds later, you are making up new curse words. And then it builds even more.

    Gave some to my friend to share to his wife- long story short, she’s now divorcing him and I am known as the “peanut brittle A-hole”.

    It’s great!

    This is the best review ever Steve, thanks for your humor!!

    Lisa M.
    Definitely hit but has FLAVOUR!

    I ordered this for a Spicy Food Challenge and oh boy! It's got some kick!! Even my husband said it was spicy and he LOVES heat! Really great flavour though!

    Great to hear, thanks Lisa!

    Hot hot hot

    The ghost pepper Brittle was delicious and very spicy. Lives up to its name

    Thank you Anne Marie!

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