275ml Candied Curry Hot Sauce

    Another one of our FireCandy flavours. A sweet and delicious curry hot sauce with a bit of coffee at the back end. This sauce holds a lot of potential with great opportunities for food pairings. A very unique sauce that will perk up any meal! This sweet heat sauce goes well in pasta dishes, sandwiches and many other types of cuisine. Get creative with this hot sauce and explore all its many culinary uses.

    Soy Free, Dairy Free, Low Sodium, Gluten Free.

    Heat Level: 4


    Ingredients: sugar, vinegar, onion, tomatoes, peppers, coffee, spices, salt, xanthan gum





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    Robert Gagnon

    275ml Candied Curry Hot Sauce

    Tonia Langdon
    What are you waiting for, order now you won't be disappointed

    We are beyond hooked on every product we tried so far I've already placed 2 orders and am planning my third momentarily. My Newfie heart is addicted to the mustard pickle of course. Delish

    So happy to hear, Tonia! Thank you!

    Daniel Monahan
    Not sure what to pair it with

    I'm finding the candy flavour a little too strong, the curry flavour is great. I've never had a candy flavouring before so I may not be the best judge of how to use this sauce. It won't stop me from testing it out though :)

    If you read through our reviews Daniel, you'll be able to find lots of different ideas for our sauces. Some use the Blueberry on chicken and fish. The Curry is a popular one for pasta. Thanks for the review!


    Awesome flavour, and nice amount of heat. It is great with stir fry, both cooking and added while eating.

    It's a great sauce that more people need to try! Thanks for the feedback Timothy!

    Unique "Je ne sais quoi" Curry

    Man this is excellent curry sauce, and even though curry isn't my go-to flavor this one stands out! I think the added coffee gives this sauce a really interesting flavor profile.

    Personally, I see myself using this for meat and steamed vegetables, when I want something different. I don't eat carbs but if you do I'd recommend a sauce like this with singapore noodles.

    Thanks for the review Samual! Appreciate it!

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