275ml Simple Black Bean + Ginger Habanero Hot Sauce

    A savory habanero, black bean and ginger hot sauce that comes on steady and strong with delicious flavour. This blend is a unique addition to any meal with it's dark savoury taste. Less vinegary than traditional hot sauces with a slow building heat that "creeps" up on you. Try it in stir frys and other dishes! You'll definitely fall in love with this hot sauce.

    Previously know as Ship Wrecked hot sauce.


    Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, no added sugar, low sodium, Keto Friendly.

    Heat Level: 8

    Ingredients: Water, black beans, habanero, vinegar, liquid protein concentrate (Non GMO soybeans, purified water) spices, xanthan.





    Customer Reviews

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    Really something special

    I’ve never tried a sauce like this before. It’s intriguing. The description from the manufacturer is accurate, in that the heat is the kind that builds slowly, creeping up. At first I detected almost no heat at all but just keep going and you’ll find it, or it will find you I guess. A very rich and complex flavour experience…not sure what I’m going to try it on first but it seems like burritos would welcome it.

    Great description of the sauce Calvin! Thanks so much!

    Unique mind blowing sauce

    The black bean ginger is one of the first MM sauces I tried and it is still my favourite one I have ever tried supper unique flavour and the way the bean hits you 10/10 easily great amount of spice to flavour.

    The flavours of this sauce are so delicious! Thanks for the feedback Jack!

    Rod Peeters

    Delicious. !! Great flavor, not too hot. Good on everything. Will be sure to order more of this one. Thanks and keep the flavors coming.

    Great to hear! Thanks for the review Rod!

    andrea wrigley
    Yummy yum yum!!!

    Ordered black bean and ginger this time- it’s savoury with a bit of a kick but not burn your face off hot. It’s super delicious with a ton of flavour. Will not disappoint!! Had it tonight on rice noodles with pork and veggies-will have that again!! Love these sauces!!

    Sounds delicious Andrea, thanks for the support!

    Eli Squires
    Loved the Black Bean and Ginger!

    All the sauces I've tried have been great, but I particularly liked the flavour of this one.

    Thanks Eli, great to hear!

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