275ml Simple Lime + Cilantro Hot Sauce

    Tangy lime, cilantro, onion, and garlic in a medium heat cayenne base. This hot sauce was designed with PEI's famous oysters in mind, but it goes great with any seafood. Also makes a great Carne Asada, marinate thin strips of beef for 30 mins before grilling for some tasty Mexican flavor! Give it a try and come up with your own favourite pairings.

    Previously known as Shuckin' Delicious.


    Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, no added sugar, Low Sodium, Keto Friendly.  

    Heat Level: 4

    Ingredients: Cayennes, vinegar, water, lime juice, fresh garlic, cilantro, sweet onion, salt, spices, xanthan gum.

    Customer Reviews

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    So fresh tasting

    I love lime and cilantro and this sauce boldly lives up to its name! I’d love to see the grilling sauce line expand with similar flavour profiles!

    You just never know what we are working on! Stay tuned!

    Great Tangy Flavor perfect for Seafood.

    This sauce is a perfect milder sauce that pairs well with seafood. Whether it's smoked salmon or a shrimp ring, this one will be a hit in the household!

    This sauce is a great pairing with seafood for sure. Thanks for the review Samual!

    Tina Dodds
    Delivery was excellent

    I bought my husband 8 different sauces for Christmas. The order was delivered in lightning speed and so far what we've tried we absolutely love!

    Great to hear Tina! Thanks!


    I bought this to try on tacos, and have since had it on so many things.. the bottle is half gone and we only got it less than a month ago! The flavor profiles are like a smack to the senses--in a good way. I'm already planning on buying more.

    I'm so happy about the way you wrote your review because we ARE more than just heat. Our sauces do have amazing flavours too. Thanks so much for the review.

    Jason Duggan
    Simple Lime + Cilantro

    This is a great tasting sauce! Low on the heat scale with lime acidity, garlic and of course cilantro. Great on shrimp tacos, grilled chicken and add some to mayo for a kick!

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