275ml Candied Curry Hot Sauce

    Another one of our FireCandy flavours. A sweet and delicious curry hot sauce with a bit of coffee at the back end. This sauce holds a lot of potential with great opportunities for food pairings. A very unique sauce that will perk up any meal! This sweet heat sauce goes well in pasta dishes, sandwiches and many other types of cuisine. Get creative with this hot sauce and explore all its many culinary uses.

    Soy Free, Dairy Free, Low Sodium, Gluten Free.

    Heat Level: 4


    Ingredients: sugar, vinegar, onion, tomatoes, peppers, coffee, spices, salt, xanthan gum





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    Jen Jen

    275ml Candied Curry Hot Sauce

    Luke Faulkner
    Probably the tastiest yet

    Candied Curry is very flavorful. The bottle will not last long! Would be great to have a version with a little more heat

    Thanks for the feedback Luke!


    Candied Curry review.

    A lovely tasty hot sauce. Candied curry hot sauce from Maritime Madness has a delicious sweet candy like pepper taste. It's hard to describe. Closest I can describe is sweet and sour sauce from authentic Chinese food restaurants. It has passed the Mr Noodles test. Even great on buns cooked with bacon and cheese. Candied curry has decent heat to it. In the end I suggest you try it! I may buy more!

    This sauce is one of our unsung heroes! Not a lot of feedback on it but those who love curry, love this sauce. Thanks for the feedback on this one Kirk!

    Glen Vander Maaten
    Candied Curry Hot Sauce Is amazing

    I’ve purchased quite a few different sauces from MM, and just like all the rest, this one is addictive!
    I eat this one by the spoon full 😁.
    It’s spicy enough to give a warm feeling in you mouth but mild enough not to overpower the food you’ve put it on and the flavour is amazing.
    Way to go MM!

    Thanks Glen, we appreciate your kind words!

    Michael Coulombe
    I adore Candied Curry!

    Pleasant, mild-but-present heat and a fantastic taste. I've tried this with everything and now I'm out. I have never considered ordering a 2L tub of hot sauce. Maritime Madness... You're flipping my world around!

    Ha, love to hear this! Thanks Michael!

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