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    275ml Simple Tropical Habanero Hot Sauce

    A delicious hot sauce made from habaneros, fresh mango, and pineapple juice. It packs some heat with some sweet undertones. This habanero hot sauce is great on pretty much everything but pairs extremely well with salsa, fish tacos and in soups. You definitely won't be disappointed by giving this sauce a try.


    Vegan, Dairy Free, Low Sodium, Gluten Free.

    Heat Level: 10

    Ingredients: Fresh peppers, pineapple, mango, lemon juice, vinegar, salt, xanthan gum.





    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Unsure after first buy...

    I wasn't very impressed with this sauce after my first purchase. I thought it tasted exactly the same as the Classic Habanero(not that the classic is bad, I enjoy it too). Decided to try a second bottle... I'm convinced I got a bottle of Classic Habanero that was mislabeled the first time. Tropical Habanero has pretty quickly become one of my favorite sauces. Decent amount of heat with the perfect amount of sweetness. Love it. I put it on everything from pizza to rice.

    Hawaiian Import
    These sauces can’t be beat!

    These sauces have great flavour & ingredients, we discovered them last year and now we simply can’t go without them! We have not been disappointed with any flavour that we’ve tried! But our ultimate faves on tacos are tropical habanero & chipotle! ❤️

    Thanks so much for all the support!

    Selena Kirkland
    New favourite hot sauce

    Not only does it have a good bite to it, but it is the TASTIEST hot sauce I've ever had. Finished the bottle within a week of getting it. Favourite on top of pizza. Thanks Maritime Madness!

    Love to hear this, thanks so much Selena!

    Bryce Yuen
    Great hot saaaauce

    Got many flavors, started with Tropical Habanero, lovely heat with a subtle hint of sweetness. Delicious!

    Thanks Bryce!

    Kimberley McDonald

    Tropical Habanero has become my husbands favourite. He tosses grilled chicken wings with it, says it’s the best!

    Love to hear this, thanks Kimberley!

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