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    275ml Hophead Habanero Hot Sauce

    A unique gluten free hot sauce made in collaboration with hops from Copper Bottom Brewing in Montague, PEI. Citrus and habanero make a perfect base to let the hops shine through. This unique hot sauce goes fantastic on many different types of foods. Try it for yourself and come up you best food pairing.

     275 ml

    Heat Level: 7

    Ingredients: Water, vinegar, habaneros, tangerine juice, carrots, onions, citrus rind, hops, salt, xanthan gum.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    5 stars!

    This hot sauce is one of my top 3 MM sauces. Amazing balance of heat and flavour, you could put it on just about anything (but it is my go-to for burritos and chilli)!

    Nick Urquhart
    perfect sauce

    I rely on this sauce when making my chili. It's a key ingredient. The only downside is it doesn't appear to be available in my local stores anymore so have been substituting it for other MM sauces.

    You can still get this flavour on our website!

    Adam Thomas
    Maritime Magic

    I was excited when I was picking out the ones I want. It's expensive, but it's a great treat and definitely hot enough to make it last. Love everything I've tried so far! Love the creativity too.

    It's a great hot sauce for sure. Thanks Adam for leaving a 5 star review.

    Josette Maillet

    275ml Hophead Habanero Hot Sauce

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