5 Unique Ways to Use Hot Sauce

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    We’ve all been there, b’ys. 

    You find a delicious new hot sauce, add it to the collection, and you end up using it exactly how you used the last bottle and the bottle before that. 

    Before you know it your kitchen is overflowing with delicious, spicy goodness and if you make chicken wings one more time this week your family has threatened to sue.

    Hot sauce is way too fun to get stuck in a culinary rut with it. There are so many fun ways to spice up what you’re already doing in the kitchen - we just had to share a few of our favourites! 

    So here are five unique ways to use up all those tasty Maritime Madness bottles you have in your kitchen - down to the very last drop. 

    1. Netflix and spice. Popcorn.

    If you’re one of the lucky souls who can sit down, launch Netflix, and choose something to watch right away, you’re going to need a delicious, spicy movie-time snack. For a heat-infused popcorn snack, start by melting some butter in a saucepan and add a tablespoon or two of your favourite hot sauce. Drizzle the fiery butter over the popped kernels. For added flavour, toss with one of our seasonings/rubs (the Shawarma Seasoning is particularly good!). Did we mention the cheese? Add some parmesan cheese on top and then promptly forget whatever the hell is on the TV.  

    1. And in the morning I’m making waffles. Waffle batter.

    When one thinks of chicken and waffles, the expectation - I’m sure - is for the heat and spice of the dish to come from the chicken, or even from the maple syrup (lightbulb moment - hot sauce infused maple syrup). But adding some hot sauce directly to the waffle batter is a fantastic way to put a unique spin on an already unique dish. Whether the base of your waffle dish is a savoury or sweet one, there is a hot sauce that will pair perfectly with it! Check out our FireCandy line of hot sauces for some sweet heat that you can’t beat! (See what I did there).

    1. Because no great stories ever started with someone eating a salad. Cocktails.

    Being Canadians, the concept of a spicy cocktail isn’t new to us - we even have our very own Caesar and wing sauce! There’s something special about having a nice, cool drink with just the right amount of kick to it. But adding some hot sauce spice to a sweet drink is such a fun way to bring an entirely new flavour profile to it. Our FireCandy line does the hard work striking the perfect balance between sweet and spicy, making them ideal to experiment with on your next cocktail. Or mocktail. Or lemonade. Or cranberry juice. Or …any other juice, really. 

    1. I don’t know the recipe for happiness but it involves cheese. Cheesy garlic toast.

    Is there anything more delicious than a simple cheesy, garlic toast recipe? A mix of your favourite cheeses, butter, and garlic all slathered on the thick bread of your choice, and baked until bubbly and golden brown. What's not to love? The perfect snack on its own, or as a side for tomato soup or spaghetti - just drizzle some of your favourite hot sauce on top to take your toast to the next level. Hell, smash up some avocados and slap them on like the bougie b’y ya are!

    1. I could give up chocolate but I’m not a quitter. Hot cocoa.

    Staying on that sweet and spicy thought - Mexican hot chocolate is such a fun way to put a new (or old - depending on your perspective) spin on a classic. But sometimes there’s just not enough time to make it from scratch, so instead try whipping up your favourite instant hot cocoa, add a few dashes of your favourite hot sauce, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. It’s a spicy, warm but sweet drink that will help you stay warm all winter long!

    Did you know? 

    It is thought the origins of Mexican hot chocolate (also called Champurrado) dates back to the ancient Aztec and Mayan civilizations.

    Honorable mention: 

    Check out our Jalapeño Popper Cheesecake recipe for a really unique and savoury spin on a classic dessert!

    What are some of your favourite unique ways to use hot sauce?

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