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Growing peppers and relationships

The Pepper Farms and Growers

We grow jalapenos, cayennes, and habaneros locally here in PEI in our famous red soil.  We strive to keep a consistent percentage
of our produce locally sourced. As our business grows, we are building relationships with  other small farms to help us meet our needs for
peppers,onions, carrots, tomatoes, blueberries, cilantro, and more!   As we grow, so does our support of local small farms.

We are now working with 2 other local farms to augment the percentage of local produce in our sauces. 
In 2019 we planted over 15,000 pepper plants between 2 local farms, our biggest planting to date!

Our produce sourcing initiatives

Where do you get your ingredients?

fresh hot peppers


Our own farm

habanero peppers


Local partner farms

gourmet hot sauce


Imported peppers

did you know...

Hot Pepper Fun Fact

Hot peppers are perennials, although they are treated as annuals in colder climates.  A habanero plant can flush 3 times per year and grow to 10 feet tall!