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    Plastic vs. Glass - A conscious choice

    • 2 min read

    We care a great deal about this issue, and have always been very conscious consumers ourselves.  The very best way you can reduce packaging use, be it glass or plastic, is to buy our 1L or 4L contatiners and re-fill your bottles.  In saving on packaging, you will also save 25% to 50% on your sauce!

    This is not always practical though, so we need to break it all down.

    Hot sauces are far from single use products, and if there was ever a perfect use for a recyclable PET squeeze bottle, this is it.  We took a long time (1.5 years) of market testing and careful thought before going with plastic.  Here are some of the key points that pushed us forward on this -

    Transportation footprint - This is something most people rarely think of, and it's massively important.  Our bottles are made in Ontario, shipped to Dartmouth, then shipped to us in PEI.  They travel 1,600 km and weigh 10% of the glass flasks we used.   Almost all glass bottles are coming from China, regardless of your supplier's location.  Glass bottles travel over 19,000 km and weigh ten times more than our locally made plastic squeeze bottles.  All of this travel by boat and truck is burning diesel fuel.  Our bottles went from Chinese manufacturer to Chinese Distributor, then to San Francisco, then to our supplier's headquarters in New York.  From there it ships to Montreal headquarters.  Then it goes to Dartmouth, my actual supplier's location, and then they truck it to PEI.   
    From here, once they are filled, our own outgoing shipments weigh 30% less travelling to our stores and customers, which is huge when converted to fuel burned

    In our first year of offering PET bottles, we went from a literal tractor trailer load of styrofoam peanuts per year to zero styrofoam.  We also reduced box use by about 3,000 units of the large size.  The environmental benefits compound exponentially as we grow as a company.

    Single use vs. long term product -  Our hot sauces remain in most people's fridges for anywhere from 6 months to 3 years per bottle.  This puts them in a very different category form single use such as water bottles, soda bottles, and straws.  They are also re-fillable and recyclable.

    Improved experience in actual use of the product -  If there was ever a product that needs a controlled squeeze/drop application, it's hot sauce.  We're not seeing a move back to ketchup in glass bottles because the delivery system was very frustrating.  It's a situation where the packaging is the perfect solution for the product, not just a container to hold it but a delivery system as well.   

    And again - we offer 1L and 4L sizes on our website that you can use to re-fill your own containers, which beats any and all options for sustainability, and it's cheaper as well!  
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