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Heat level variance in your favorite sauce

We've been making sauces since 2002, and I know some of you have been buying our sauces since the beginning.  Thanks for that by the way!   Every now and then we modify a recipe to improve it, but not too often. 

Most of the time, if you notice a difference in the sauces, it's simply the natural ingredients displaying different characteristics from crop to crop, season to season.

The depth of color, heat level, natural sweetness, and flavor changes each year depending on the growing conditions.  Also as pepper mash matures and ages, it loses some color but improves in flavor. 

Just as when you're cutting onions some are stronger than your last bag, or you bite into a carrot and it's extra sweet this time, there will be variations.

In our own crops we really notice it year over year, as we grow the same variety in the same regions, and at the end of the season it's always clear whether the peppers are milder or hotter this year.  We strive for consistency, but are always proud of the story behind the variations batch to batch, and the fact that it's an all natural micro batch product!

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1583 reviews
Love this sauce!

We definitely love this sauce. We buy alot of different hot sauces, but I would say this is my favorite. I don't find it that hot (mind you we eat crazy hot things all the time), but literally tastes like spicy mustard pickles! Great on a burger, hot dog or sandwich

I haven't been this pleased with SAUCE, ever!

My wife randomly found this website. The sauces looked good!. Everyone said "Get the mustard pickle" so we got it and 4 others. So then we ordered a box of 12 more sauces, cause holy crap, these sauces are good!

Our top 4 so far!
- Mustard Pickle
- Candied Blueberry
- Apple Jalapeno
- DownEast Stinger

LOVE these sauces. Oh, also bought some BBQ Chipotle rub, I am certainly not displeased! I already recommended the site to many friends at work. I need to get more mustard pickle!

Amazing flavors

Fell in love with the Bacon Blaze but had a hard time trying to find another bottle until I discovered the web site. When I saw the product selection I just couldn't make up my mind so had no choice but to buy it all.
Fantastic products!

Sweet Chipotle Rub

An absolute must for amazing spicy dips!! Can't wait to have this back in my pantry!